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  1. Mini G Rock Purple
    Excite your G-Spot and...

    Mini G Rock Purple

    Price: £24.99
    (Inc Vat)

    Excite your G-Spot and Clitoris at the same time and experience an orgasm like never before. The G-Rock is waterproof, flexible and made from an uncented silicone material. A silver bullet with push button control, cleverly positioned within the toy generates the vibrations that drive you to a wild climax. Learn More
  2. 1456-00BXLarge
    A most unusual but...

    Wave Vibe 9in Purple

    Regular Price: £37.99

    Special Price: £34.99

    A most unusual but never the less effective G-spot and clit vibe. The Wave Vibe is fully waterproof, helpfully flexible and is controlled with a hand held multi-speed controller. Stimulate your clitoris and G-Spot at the same time with this ergonomically designed orgasm machine. Experience wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Learn More
  3. 2V3886
    Watch your pussy grow....

    Lady's Pussy Pump.

    Price: £16.99
    (Inc Vat)

    Out of stock

    Watch your pussy grow. The clear plastic cup enables you to watch as the cup is pumped and the flow of blood to your vagina is increased. The result is a much heightened sensitivity to your vagina. A safety release valve enables quick release from the pressure cup. When you have pumped your pussy and your lips are swollen let your partner play with your enlarged organ. You won't believe how good it feels when he sucks and licks your pussy lips and intercourse will feel like never before. Learn More
  4. 2V9503-2
    Enjoy the incredible orgasm...

    Pussy Pump

    Price: £13.99
    (Inc Vat)

    Enjoy the incredible orgasm you will have after using this Pussy Pump. The vacuum created will sensitize your labia and clitoris by gently swelling the tissue and encouraging the flow of blood to this sensitive area. Use alone or with a partner. The swollen effect is sure to be a turn on. Learn More
  5. BTCP
    You will love this...

    Better Than Chocolate Vibe

    Regular Price: £59.99

    Special Price: £55.99

    You will love this ergonomically designed vibe, it's better than chocolate!! Simply rub your finger up and down on the vibe top to change the vibration speed. Choose a pulse pattern you like by pressing the logo. When you have the setting you like just lay back and enjoy, you will soon be in the grips of an orgasm not even bettered by eating a bar of chocolate. The better than chocolate vibe comes in a quality presentation box making it a great gift. Learn More
  6. abs15-12CBLU-BCD
    A multi-speed soft jelly...

    Dolphin Clit & Anal Stimulator

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price: £11.99

    A multi-speed soft jelly vibe designed for perfect clitoral stimulation. The vibes are created from a powerful bullet positioned within the dolphin. A multi-speed controller is used to set the right vibe speed. Like all dolphins, this one is fully waterproof. Takes 2AA batteries. Learn More
  7. abs2V-2170-7
    Reaches your G-Spot with...

    Crystal G-Spot

    Regular Price: £19.99

    Special Price: £17.99

    Reaches your G-Spot with ease. Unusual in design but an effective arouser. Bring yourself to climax with the double ended Crystal G-Sopt vibe. Two sets of 3LR44 batteries included. Learn More
  8. abs2VS1964-2
    Can't find your G-Spot?...

    Ejaculating G Vibe

    Regular Price: £23.00

    Special Price: £19.99

    Can't find your G-Spot? The Ejaculating G-Vibe is designed purely for G-Spot stimulation. It's shape will enable you to find your G-Spot with ease, and once there it will tickle and tease to the point of orgasm. A free nubby sleeve is included for added stimulation should you need it. Two sets of batteries are included with this incredible tool. Learn More
  9. N1980
    Enjoy your bathtimes a...

    I Rub My Duckie Devil.

    Price: £19.99
    (Inc Vat)

    Enjoy your bathtimes a bit more than usual with this naughty Duckie Devil. Always ready for action, just pull his head back and feel the vibrations. Bring out the devil in you next bath time. Makes a super adult gift. Learn More
  10. N3831
    Increase sensitivity in your...

    Doc Johnson Pussy Pump.

    Price: £23.99
    (Inc Vat)

    Increase sensitivity in your vagina by increasing the blood flow. The Doc Johnson Pussy Pump has a patented removable valve, allowing you to remove the hose, leaving the vacuum to hold the cup in place. Pump up your pussy and enjoy the extra feel it gives you. If you are new to the pleasures of pussy pumping we highly recommend the Doc Johnson pussy pump. Measurements: 4.3" x 3.1" (110mm x 80mm) Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 26 total

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